Who is the enemy?

Poll is closed! Thank you to everyone who participated. However, since I’m against spoilers, you’ll just have to read to find out who the seventh was.

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23 thoughts on “Who is the enemy?

  1. My vote on Nashetania, since “good guys” that befriend the main character in the beginning usually becomes the traitor at the end. Her mischievous side is also quite suspicious.

    • Impossible because when the flower appear on is hand he was in a jail and because all is stuff was stolen juste before and because we saw all of what happen in is adventure because he is the principal character of the anime

      ps sry for my bad english

  2. I doubt it’s Adlet or Nashetania. The strongest man in the world has no need to lie! Nashetania is an idiot. If im wrong i’ll eat dirt. 😛 (Probably, may be not, nope)

  3. Fremy is the seventh but she is not bad. I think she is either a humanoid demon or half demon(allowing her to enter where normal humans can’t) and for some reason(personal revenge?) she wants to kill the demon. This is why she can’t meet the others and tell why she does not want to stay with others. Furthermore the demons don’t attack animals and like we have seen she hates humans and loves dogs

    • I will add to my theory Goldof as the enemy. Think that the real one has been defeated and this one is the enemy who took his appearence/body .

      • If goldov is the seventh and its a fiend that use goldov appereance then how does he enter the temple (in the story said that there is just human that can enter the temple)

  4. It’s Goldof, obviously.

    And if there’s a 10% chance that it isn’t him then Mora. Who else but the assumed “leader” or the “knight in shining armor”

    >.> <.<

  5. In order of most to least suspicious.

    I also suspect Nashetania as the most suspicious. She came alone when the barrier was activated – the others followed soon after, but weren’t actually with her. Also, something that made me suspicious from the start, Adlet never actually met her in the beginning at the arena in front of everybody. His only contact with her has been in relative privacy with only a few people around, so if she was scheming, replaced, etc, or just is behaving differently from usual (Goldof comments something to this extend, asking Adlet how he got so close to her as though it were unusual) he would never know since he had no prior knowledge of her to compare it to.

    Mora is in a great position to take actions and set things up unquestioned. That alone puts her at second for me.

    Goldof could be it, but he seems more like the type to unquestionably follow. He was with Fremy while the barrier was activated. If he is the imposter he’s in a decent spot for it, easily overlooked.

    Chamo seems like she doesn’t need an excuse, plan or be a traitor to harm them. Not very suspicious via being chaotic violent by default. Not a lot of information on her yet, though.

    Hans is not very suspicious by behaving too suspiciously, I’d suspect an imposter to be more open and try to fit in better, and not bring up the concept of there being an imposter in the first place (rather than a new hero). If it’s him then he’s engineered the flow of the situation very well.

    Fremy is the least suspicious since she’s being the most open about some rather damning evidence. Which may lead to her being the most suspicious in the long run, but that’s an I-know-you-know-I-know thing.

    The third person thing mentioned Adlet being the next target, so unless there’s a split personality unreliable narrator thing going on it’s not him.

    If I were the imposter I would make Adlet or Fremy appear more and more suspicious, maybe attack someone with a weapon of theirs or leave traces of something that they would use. Then I would defend them if the plan failed, but in a way that made it seem like I wasn’t very confident in the evidence of their innocence to increase the net suspicion and tensions.

    I notice there hasn’t been mention of the possibility of multiple people being imposters, some of the original heroes may have been replaced.

  6. Goldof is high on the list, but i think its chamo. She keeps saying that only her parents can order her around and with adlet’s story about how his village was corrupted makes me think something similar happened to her parents. Plus she killed the kyoma that ran from the temple, and she is renowned as the strongest fighter (adlet excluded) which would make for a tough enemy for thee heroes.

    Mora is my third choice simply because she doesnt seem to be as confused as the others, just calmly in control.

  7. after reading the latest chap i think the seven is mora “Such enthusiasm. Then as soon as we find him, kill him. Kill him at any cost, Fremy” this line is what convince me. the seventh want someone else to kill adlet and them frame them.

  8. I have a theory , first sorry for bad English since I can’t speak English probably
    I didn’t read anything about possibility of multiple people being imposters, see it is possible at least for me, here are what I think they are all fake ! Except for adlet I don’t know why but I think adlet is a less suspicious one maybe my theory is not strong enough till know! Since mora,chamo and even golodf all seems to be trusted, but I can’t get how the fuck killer can be one of the six braves it’s wrong in all the way are u say that there is no one best then her in entire world ! Same for chemo she would kill and give no fuck at all hans also look like killer !

  9. I suspect mora, the seal of the temple would react to any intruder but she has the key. So she could enter earlier and leave without activating the trap.

  10. It is okay to leave spoilers here already, right? :SPOILERS:

    I was sure it was Nashetania even when I was watching the anime (I watched 7 episodes, right to the point of fight between Adlet and Hans. Then I couldn’t contain my excitement and picked up this translation (currently I’ve read three volumes).
    Glad that I was right. I started to suspect her when she broke the monument in rage (from the description of the anime I knew that there’s going to be a traitor, so I think the knowledge played it’s part and I was looking at their actions searching for him (her)). I also noted silently when she sent Adlet to the barrier while they were in a fight before it’s activation, but it was just a note, not a real suspicion, she was too confident at what Adlet should do, while before she was eerie in the fight.
    My second suspect after Nashetania was Chamot and if it all would fail – the third one was Mora.

    For the current seventh (thoughts from the end of the volume three) – I want to say Adlet, my guess was that the seventh doesn’t know that he’s the seventh and was given the crest so that he can confuse everyone, while still acting like he’s not the seventh, because he doesn’t know it. Thus it would sow conflicts among heroes.
    But we can hear Adlets thoughts and Tgurneu is issuing commands to the seventh, so theory about seventh not knowing that he is seventh doesn’t add up…

    So I can think only of Chamot as being the seventh and Flamie.
    Mostly Chamot. Yes, she was targeted by the blade gem by Tgurneu, but it created opportunities for him to kill other heroes, and he ordered several times to kill Nashetania and stop the gem in case of her discovery. He might’ve as well saved her (Chamot) at the very last moment. He did asked Mora to kill Hans or Chamot, on account of them being “scary”, yet he knew that Mora would never hurt Chamot after years of upbringing her.

    Flamie… well, she is the only one who doesn’t have any kind of proof that she’s not the seventh. All her aggression towards Tgurneu does not confirm it, since she knows how hard it is to kill him.

    I still would like to believe it’s Adlet, but at the moment there just too many facts against it.

    As for the others – Goldof proved that he is not the seventh with his “mind”, just like the Adlet (for the reader, we read his thoughts, after all).
    Hans. There’s a possibility, but it’s slight and Tgurneu sent Dozzu to kill him, after all.
    With Mora it’s the same as with Adlet and Goldof – her mind proved that she’s not the seventh. And the story with daughter was genuine.
    Rolonia – there isn’t any proof at all, really, but she did revived Hans. If she was the seventh it would’ve been easy for her to “fail” the healing and no one would’ve suspected her, and Mora would’ve died as well.

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