The Strongest Hero

So there have been 8 heroes. Which do you think would win in a one on one battle.

There is only one rule:

The heroes must be aware that one of the others is trying to attack them. (Otherwise Chamo or Fremy could simply kill them from afar without them ever knowing).

Adlet has definitely proved himself to be a formidable warrior. But Mora uprooted a tree with her bare hands and swung it at him…That’s awesome. Hence my vote goes to Mora. Who do you think would be victorious?

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22 thoughts on “The Strongest Hero

  1. It would be a battle between Nashetania, Chamo, and Mora. I’ll go for Nashetania.

    Adlet is pretty much a good strategist, but he’s really weak when it comes to fighting the others. Fremy most likely wouldn’t be every good in close range; gunpowder and all. Goldof… HAHAHA. It would be nice if Hans could compete with the power of the saints *Sad Panda.jpg*. For Rolonia I got too little information.

  2. Imho Nashetania is out of it, it is stated that she might become stronger if she continued her training but it didn’t happen yet – memories of Mora. I would go for Mora or Chamo, but still Chamo is called the strongest for some reason, although it might be arguable due to Moras position as the leader of saints (or something like that xd). Still I would go for Chamo – Nashetania is still too inexperienced, Rolonia seems as if she had little chance vs humans – she seems more like a specialist vs monsters, and Mora seems to be more of an administrative kind, her combat power might be very high but in the end it is Chamo who is titled as the strongest.

    • I agree on paper Chamo might be the strongest. But I feel she is too unstable. And she lost a lot of credit in my eyes after her fight with Adlet and Hans.

      • Chamo should be excluded of this poll IMO. We know she is the strongest warrior who ever existed since the first hero, even if 2 heroes can beat her and she is immature.

        Excluding her, I think Hans or Goldof are the strongest. Goldof is already stronger than Nashetania she said it herself.

      • The main point is: Which hero is the strongest and according to that is there anyone who can go 1v1 against her and win? Don’t forget that Adlet and Hans fought together and it was still very difficult for them. And imo Chamo wasn’t really serious there either… And as said by someone… if we do exclude Chamo because it is already stated that she is the strongest .. I would be thinking about either Mora or Hans… And I would still go for Mora… I mean Hans is strong, I will give him that without any doubt still Mora is the head of saints and she is said to be really strong even in the saints ranking… I might be wrong but i think Hans is not a saint is he? I think he is only an assassin, due to that he does not possess these ‘game-breaking’ abilities – regeneration… feeding on earth energy and such. As for Goldof… well he is a knight… Nashetania did say that Goldof was stronger than her, but the issue is can he outmatch a saint? I think Nashetania meant that Goldof is superior to her in terms of swordsmanship not so much in overall terms… After all, do you think that Goldof can match her firepower when she shoots her swords everywhere? As for Adlet… well he is a main character… still, I’d prefer to avoid giving him plot protection status.. and without that do you think he can win 1v1 against Mora or Nashetania? I don’t think so… He might be able to surprise them… Wound them.. Hell i will even say that he can go for mutual kill, and if given time to prepare he can quite likely kill them with traps and tricks. But in straight out combat? Without preparing for combat against THAT certain oponent? We have already seen that Adlet cannot match Hans in combat, and he struggled to even evade Nashetanias attacks, which mind you, Mora dodged with ease. In the end I would go for Chamo, and if that choice is excluded… Mora.

  3. Saints are not invincible and are always women.Among the heroes Hans and Goldof are considered geniuses, Adlet may not be as strong physically but he has other weapons, he was also wounded against Nashetania, who is probably the weakest of them all. By pure strength and excluding Chamo it’s either Hans, Goldof or Mora but with his multiple weapons and his intelligence Adlet can beat any of them at 1vs1 IMO.

    • And here is the problem… I have little doubt, that if Adlett had months of preparation he would easily win vs anyone he knows by name… But as they are now, can he win against them? I don’t think so… He has some hidden weapons sure…. but most of what he brought was not to be used vs humans and saints, can he win under these circumstances? I don’t think that he can create proper weapons in conditions they are in right now, considering mosnters prowling around. So in the end we are back to question… Is it only knowing who is their oponent – kind of like in mortal combat – Fight Begin! or do they know their oponent beforehand and have time to prepare? If its the first one… I can’t really agree with Adlett being able to beat any of them in 1v1… But if its 2nd, I believe we can put Adlett at the very top… It’s his field of experience after all.

  4. Adlet = Batman. Aen already commented on that. I don’t believe he’s the strongest thought, even if he spams it 24/7

    Goldof..I’m not sure he’s the real Goldof and if he isn’t then there’s no use in judging his skills.

    Mora. Pretty close and with a large arsenal at her disposal. The fact that anyone can exploit her weaknesses makes her seem too vulnerable for me, unfortunately. Had adlet been blackmail i’m pretty sure he would have found a way to solve the issue without killing another flower.

    Hans. I was initially going to vote for him. Sadly he dies prematurely and well, of all the people to kill him it’s mora. I’m sorry hans, you take a back seat in assassination if you get assassinated yourself, by the most likely suspect too.

    Chamo. Again a runner up, just because she’s a child with power and children are darn hard to predict sometimes.

    Nashetania. She’s not getting a vote because she’s evil and evil equates to weak in my book. If evil were strong by any standards in any novel then they wouldn’t lose ALL THE FREAKING TIME. It’s that old philosophy: raw power does not equal true strength. Sorry nash, you picked the wrong side.

    Fremy. At some point i wanted to vote for her, being an antihero and sorts but, meh. She’s not really that threatening. The only reason she earned her title was probably tgurneu’s doing. She seems more paranoid than strong. Being driven is one thing, shooting left and right because you feel insecure is another.

    Rolonia. Here we go. This my friends is a regular psycho. I certainly don’t know what her deal is and frankly, i don’t want to. My vote goes on her by the simple merit of being crazy. If children are hard to predict sometimes then lunatics are off the chart. Being trapped with a bipolar person armed with a tooth pick can be life threatening if you’re not careful. There’s nothing scarier in my book than an innocent person going batshit at the flick of the switch.

    So, leaving aside gender, powers, knowledge and even experience i voted Rolonia because she’s the only person who doesn’t need any of those to scrape the floor with her adversaries. She may even wake up at some point and not remember any of her crimes xD It’s just golden.

    Also why haven’t more people voted for her? Don’t we have any dominatrix fetishist here??

  5. In order (will rank the 8 of them without considering if they are enemies, dead or alive):

    1) Chamo : Incontestable ImO. almost unreachable, her minions can be evolved to counter their weakness, they move by themselves and almost immediatly regenerate. Can have a whole army at the same time. Even Hans, who’s probably the strongest right after her, still needed the help of Adlet. When chamo was training with powerful saints like Nashetania and so on, she needed to restrain herself while fighting several saints at the same time. A monster among Saints.

    2) Hans : This guy has feats absolutely impressive. Plus, he’s the most intelligent hero of the group along with Adlet. And last but not least, it’s impossible to attack him by surprise, as he’s always quick to attack anyone with suspicious behavior and always suspect everyone. For someone who doesn’t have the help of the Saint power, he’s a true monster, and feared as such by Kyouma, just like Chamo.

    3) Goldof : Another monster here. Truly, I don’t know who would win between him and hans. Is especially dangerous when his princess is in danger. Heavily armored, with inhuman strength, quick reactions, heavy armaments, and can enter a kind of battle rage as well. Under his rage, he may actually be the only Hero able to reach Chamo. Maybe. Still 3rd because he’s not always THAT strong. Defending his princess basically power him up mentally.

    4) Mora : Basically here because of her feat against Hans. Inhuman strength, good defense and good offense, good tactics, very experimented fighter.

    5) Adlet : Rely a lot on consumables types of weaponry during fight, and such is vulnerable if he doesn’t have the proper weapons for th fight done. Is therefore very vulnerable against surprise attacks by an ally, since he has a tendency to trust other easily. Still, is experimented and smart.

    6) Nashetania : Second weakest Saint among the heroes. While her power is very combat oriented, she’s only 6th due to the fact that her power allows for both attacks (including right under the feet of her opponents) and defenses (blade barriers). Note that most probably she could kill Goldof, since he would probably not oppose her and lose on purpose.

    7) Fremy : Weakest Saint. Is very efficient as support but not in a one on one fight, due to complete lack of defenses abilities, and the fact that her weapon need to be reloaded after each shot. If she’s surrounded, or if her opponent can block her shot and get close, she’s basically done for.

    8) Rolonia : Rolonia is an extremely strong Saint. Most probably, the second strongest in the group. The problem is her personality. She’s too trusty of others, and would restrain herself of killing her opponent all along during a fight with another Hero, asking them to stop fighting. And in the end, getting killed by not being serious during the fight while her opponent goes for the kill. If not for that personality, would be ranked 4th.

    • Your list is pretty good. One thing to remember though is that Fremy doesn’t need to use her rifle to fight. She has demonstrated that she can produce bombs in her hands and launch them at her opponents. She has used this to a devastating effect against Adlet. Still, throwing bombs doesn’t beat blade shields so I agree she would probably lose against Nashetania.

      • That’s why i think she’ll end up like hans-san. She likes him so why not share the same destiny:D

    • Goldvo is 16 years old so he the youngest male in the team couple more years he be stronger than before maybe one day Nashetania will not ignore goldvo feeling.

  6. But he’s the self-proclamed “world strongest MAN” (as in, human male). In other words, he never said he was the strongest human alive, so Saints being stronger than him is okay with him. He basically acknowledges Saints from being “blessed” with talents, so he probably doesn’t really care about them, as he got his current power through sheer hard work. I don’t think even him and his over-dimensioned ego would dare to say he’s stronger than Chamo, for example.

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