Volume 4 Update

Hello everyone. I’m so sorry about the delays. I’ve been training for a 500km bike ride from Tokyo to Nara which has required me to cycle about 30 hours a week, on top of a 40 hour work week. But I promise we are still working on Rokka. Most likely chapter 2 will be uploaded by the end of April and updates will be more frequent from May onward. Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned.


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7 thoughts on “Volume 4 Update

    • It’s not a race. I’m just going to be riding along the major highways the whole way. I feel 500km across the country would be too difficult to supervise safely if it were an official event. But I could be wrong about that…

      • Hey, zero! Is there a possibility to contact you through e-mail or another portal? I am coming to Fukuoka at the end of May and I would like you to tell me how cycling through cities looks likw in Japan. I don’t know how well the bike infrastructure in your Country is. 😉

  1. If it was a circuit race maybe it could be be monitored, but damn that is a long ride. 5K’s are my limit before I collapse.

  2. dude i love you man for this this for us i just watched the last episode and i literally jizzed myself, and you should let us know whats going on with the tv series because there needs to be season 2

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