US Site for the Rokka anime

So the anime is almost upon us. It’s interesting how they changed the names of many of the characters from what was romanized in the book. I get a Russian vibe from Nachetanya (Nashetania) and a French vibe from Chamot (Chamo). However some changes don’t make sense. It clearly says the Chamo is the Saint of the Swamp in the novel, plus she lives in a Swamp. Yet the anime changed her to the Saint of the Pond. That sounds a lot prettier than the ugly way her power manifests. But anywho, check out the site for yourself and tell me what you think,

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5 thoughts on “US Site for the Rokka anime

  1. I hope they will change the names later I don’t understand the logic behind this, it’s easy to see that the English site is not well done anyway.

  2. Well, the one who clashes the most is “Flamie” (did they try to make a pun?; also “explosives” instead of “gunpowder”). Even when they had mistaken names in the japanese site she was called “Fremie”, leaving all names French-styled.

    • Well, at least “Flamie” works… I mean, the L & R issue… course, if it was only that kinda stuff, it wouldn’t be bad… why do “official” translations do this stuff… changing things…

      The certain name issues can be let go since it’s based on how the translator reads it (like “Flamie” or “Chamot”, those aren’t as big of a deal), but from “swamp” to “pond”….. that’s an issue….

  3. I also can’t get logic behind those changes. So far we got South America setting, and change of names. I’m a little worried what may happen to the plot. And Swamp suits her better.

  4. Well, the character names, I don’t find much of a problem since that is something usually based on how translators choose it (like “Flamie” or “Fremie” & “Chamo” vs “Chamot”) in these cases, it’s based on how the translator feels the author meant….

    I think the site isn’t too horrendous, and looks pretty nice… though not the best, but does the job okay…

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