Volume 5

Cover 5

It’s finally here! Sorry about the delay everyone. Special thanks to my supervisor Hikaslap (he asked me about updates every week) and our editor Jarrguy. Also, I’d like to thank Nanodesu for continuing to allow me to post to his site. Now without further ado, Rokka no Yuusha Volume 5.


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33 thoughts on “Volume 5

    • I’m sorry that you feel dissatisfied with the speed of the updates. I can assure you that I’m working on the translation every day, but do understand that I have other commitments: a full time job, an exercise group, a family. I devote as much time to the translation as possible, but sometimes my progress is slowed down by life issues. Please continue to be patient. The next chapter will be out soon.


      • im not trying to be rude, so please don’t take it that way. I thought it was a team of translators. If it is you alone, then thank you for spending the time to bring us this amazing novel (not sure what it is). I’m sorry for the previous comment. I hope everything’s okay in your life and the issues are having fun and living life and nothing bad. Again I’m sorry

  1. Yeah, it’s difficult to be patient but we’ll wait. Thank you so much, and please continue with the translation as much as you can 🙂

  2. I came to check and hoped that there would be progress. And now I’m fighting the urge to power through both chapters ;.;

    The struggle is real. Thanks for your continued effort with this! I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t read the fifth book ;.;

  3. Thanks for your continued effort! I’ll be around when the chapters done to sing you praises about how amazingly you’ve translated and woven the tale!

    The struggle is real waiting, but I’d wait years over never seeing the rest of the book ><

  4. Gosh, I’m considering to read a sentence per day cause now I’m dying to read the third chapter…
    Thanks again for your hard work.

  5. Not trying tô rush or anything, i’m greatfull for your work, just want to know if everything is ok? It been a month since the last post and i’m kind of worry

  6. Like really thank you man for the translastion. its so nice to be able to get the rest of the story after watching the anime. Thank you!

  7. Eventhough I read the summaries of Vol 5 and 6 I’m considering rereding them as soon as they’re our.
    Gokurosan 🙂

  8. Never read this section because of spoilers, but thank you so much for your effort, i could kiss you i i know you ofcourse. 😀 This novel is awesome!

  9. sorry too bother, but i kinda worry to, its been two months, without knowing anything, hope to know if the translation is still on, and thank you for your work

  10. Hey thank you for all you’ve done until now.
    I was wondering, are you alone in your translation work, do you need help?

  11. Great work! 😀 the traslation are amazing but….. i understed that your work in another traslations and you have family and life but please, up more this amazing working, the history its perfect and i love fremy :33 please more!!!!! :DD thanks

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