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Hello everyone, Zero here. It sucks that Rokka was licensed, however I feel bad leaving all of the readers of Book 5 hanging. I’m working on an extended summary of Chapters Five, Six, and the epilogue. It should be up in a couple of days. I’ll tell you upfront that the quality isn’t what I’d like it to be and I skimmed some of the more redundant parts. However, it’s still about 30 pages (the average chapter I put out in the past was about 35-40 pages). It isn’t much, but it is better than waiting years to find out what happened in that labyrinth. So stay tuned.


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10 thoughts on “Extended Summary inbound

  1. One more light novel we lost due to yen press, now we have to wait years for a crappy machine translation, fan translations bring more revenue to authors due to people buying the japanese version to show support, everytime yen press licenses something all we hear is about the first volume being bad and the rest being cancelled due to bad sales.

  2. You are truly an amazing person. Thank you very much for this extended summary 🙂 At least now, I can finish reading volume 5 till the end 🙂



    (including the summary of ch 5,6 and the epilogue).
    I am really confused about “you know who” being revealed as the 7th at the end of Volume 5.
    My first theory at the end of watching the anime was that Adlet was the 7th but he didn’t know he was the 7th, and I thought this till the end of Volume 2, ch 5-3 where Tgurneu says this:
    “It seems that they were also able to see through what you said and grasp that Mora is not the seventh.”

    “Who realized that? Was it Fremy?…No, perhaps it was Adlet.”

    The Kyoma going by the name of Tgurneu looked towards the center of the forest. Several Kyoma were burying something deep under the ground there. It was the corpse of the three-winged Kyoma that Adlet and the others had fought.

    “…This is a complete failure. They were even able to smash through my back-up plan. Honestly, I should praise them for their struggle.”

    There was no air of impatience in his words. Nor was there a sense of crisis or anger about his plan failing. On the contrary, he seemed pleased that the Six Flowers had won.

    “Well, that’s fine. Let’s begin the next game. The best thing to do is let what’s passed remain in the past.”

    “Master Tgurneu, what are your orders?” The bird Kyoma said.

    With a smile, Tgurneu said, “Tell the seventh to continue not to do anything. They should continue to hide amongst the Heroes and not reveal their true identity.”

    The bird spread its wings and went off to the east.

    And watching the Kyoma fly away, Tgurneu muttered, “Well then, I wonder how we’ll play next. These Heroes of the Six Flowers are so much fun.”
    I have no idea how to make sense of this scene now.
    This made me believe that the 7th knew they were the 7th and I discarded my previous theory. As a result, by midway through Volume 5, I had proof that everyone except Hans was not the 7th.

    This left me thinking that Hans was the 7th despite the fact that I recognized the author’s pattern of always having a red herring for all of the 3 previous traps.
    The red herrings I am talking about are:
    1 – Volume 1, In the illusion barrier, Hans is about to kill Adelt and says to him that he is the 7th making us believe Hans is the 7th, but that was a ruse to see if Adelt was really the 7th or not. Mora then tries very hard to kill adelt, even going to the point of lying to everyone that Hans was badly injured by Adelt, making us believe she is the 7th, only to find out Nashetania is the 7th.

    2 – Volume 2, At the eternal flower, we believe Mora is the 7th after Tgurneu tells her that she is, only later to have Adelt reveal Tgurneu’s lie.

    3 – Volume 3, We believe Goldof is the 7th, but learn that Goldof clearly isn’t.

    And then in Volume 4/5 they try to indicate Fremy as the 7th, but this is an obvious lie, leaving us thinking Hans is the 7th. By this time I suspected that Hans was another red herring but couldn’t say anyone else was the 7th because I had proof that everyone one except for Hans was real, but that proof hung on the fact that I thought the quote from Volume 2 was proof that the 7th knew they were the 7th, but with the 7th being unaware dismantles the evidence that Adelt, Fremy, Chamo, and Rolonia aren’t the 7th.

    Can anyone help me make sense now of what Tgurneu said above in Volume 2??? Did the Author make a mistake and create a plot hole?

    • And another question I wonder about now(and again) is Atro Spiker actually Tgurneu? Tgurneu said he needed about a month to affect the person and said: “He raised that person and entrusted his entire plan to them.” Also remember that Adlet made rolonia promise to not tell anyone about him, because he didn’t want Tgurneu to learn of his survival and kill him before he was ready. But since Tgurneu did know about him before the Majin awoke, does that mean Atro Spiker is a shape shifting Kyoma that Tgurneu would control? or did Tgurneu somehow intercept Adlet before he arrived at the tournament or when Adlet was in jail???

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