Update History

6/17/16: Chapter Four uploaded

4/14/16: Chapter Three uploaded

2/18/16: Chapter Two uploaded

1/10/16: Prologue, Chapter One uploaded

10/09/15: Afterword uploaded, Volume 4 completed

10/04/15: Chapter Six, Epilogue uploaded

8/22/15: Chapter Five uploaded

7/25/15: Chapter Four uploaded

6/19/15: Chapter Three uploaded

5/8/15: Chapter Two uploaded

3/06/15: Character Images, Table of Contents, Prologue, Chapter One uploaded

1/10/15: Chapter 6-3, Epilogue, Afterword uploaded

12/04/14: Chapter Six Part One, Part Two uploaded

11/12/14: Chapter Five uploaded

11/06/14: Chapter Four uploaded

10/15/14: Chapter Three uploaded

9/27/ 14: Chapter Two uploaded

9/11/14: Character Intro, Prelude, Table of Contents, Prologue, Chapter One uploaded

8/29/14: ePub and PDF uploaded

7/29/14: Chapter 5-2 uploaded. Chapter 5-3 uploaded (completing Chapter Five), Epilogue uploaded, Afterword uploaded (Completing Volume 2)

7/08/14: Chapter 4-3 uploaded (completing Chapter Four), Chapter 5-1 uploaded

6/29/14: Chapter 4-1 uploaded, Chapter 4-2 uploaded

6/24/14: Volume 1 epub uploaded

6/23/14: Chapter 3-1 uploaded, Chapter 3-3 uploaded (completing Chapter Three)

6/16/14: Chapter 2-3 uploaded (completing Chapter Two), Chapter 3-1 uploaded

6/ 07/ 14: Chapter 2-1, Chapter 2-2 uploaded

5/30/14: Chapter 1-2. Chapter 1- 3 uploaded

5/23/14: Volume 2, Character Intro, Summary, Table of Contents, Prologue, Chapter 1-1 Uploaded

5/14/14:  Volume 1 PDF uploaded

4/28/14: Volume 1 Completed

4/28/14: Chapter 5-2, Chapter 5-3, Epilogue, Afterword uploaded

4/15/14: Chapter 4-5, Chapter 5-1 uploaded

4/1/14: Chapter 4-4 uploaded

3/24/14: Chapter 4-3 uploaded

3/10/14: Chapter 4-1, Chapter 4-2 uploaded

3/3/14: Chapter 3-3 uploaded

2/24/14: Chapter 3-2 uploaded

2/17/14: Chapter 2-4, Chapter 3-1 uploaded

2/10/14:  Chapter 2-2, Chapter 2-3 uploaded

2/3/14: Chapter 1-5, Chapter 1-6, Chapter 2-1 uploaded

1/27/14:   Chapter 1-3, Chapter 1-4 uploaded

1/20/14:  Prologue, Chapter 1-1, Chapter 1-2 uploaded


30 thoughts on “Update History

  1. This isn’t the quickest translation… but it is faster than most. And I’m glad to see this translated.
    Thank you for your work! I hope you keep this project till the end! (:

    • Thanks for reading. We try to put out updates as fast as we can. But you know, sometimes real life issues get in the way. And I plan to finish the series (I already own all the books that have come out so far)

  2. Hello,
    Is there a chance to buy it as a novel(book) in bookstore with English translation? I can’t find it. It’s more comfortable for me to read it from book than from PC.
    Thank you for fast answer.
    Braš Tomáš

  3. Omg, I have to wait for the volume 4 to be finished before reading it. I. must. hold. back.
    I. can. do. it.
    Do. not. Begin. The. Volume. Before. That. (will I be able to do it?)

    Thank you for your hard work that is the only thing enabling me to know that fantastic story.

  4. I never heard of this story until a few days ago and after watching the first 9 episodes of the anime, I forced myself to look up the manga. I’ve loved every part of the story so far and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU for translating the manga for us. You’re awesome. 🙂 I hope my favorite character isn’t the seventh and has to die! 😦

  5. hooly shit thank you for the releases man.
    I can’t get enough of this, can’t wait for next release. Wish time could go faster sometimes ;_;

  6. For the past few days, been non stop refreshing the site for the next release
    And, finally, here it is! Can’t express in words just how damn grateful I am 🙂

  7. crushed that my hunch about fremy came true… -_-
    lol, anyway, thank you so much for this update.
    I’ll be hoping you get some time to work on volume five(even though it will prob take months for you guyz to complete it). That being said though, i appreciate the hard work you guyz put in to this!

    • Well, it isn’t like she’s evil. She’s Adlet’s love interest, after all.

      Lemme rephrase that: SHE BETTER NOT BE EVIL, because this is one of my favorite couples in the entirety of my weabhood.

  8. again i appreciate the hard work. Hope people realize you have lives outside of just translating. But it is much appreciated!!!!

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