Summary 2



Heroes x


The “Seventh” Flower has left, but a girl named Rolonia appeared, once again adding a seventh person to the Heroes of the Six Flowers.

Meanwhile the deadline for The Majin’s revival approaches, and unable to get rid of their suspicions, the heroes advance into The Wailing Demon Territory.

There a Kyoma appears and gives Mora the warning, “You have no time.”

And on top of that, one of the Kyoma commanders named Tgurneu suddenly appears before the heroes.

Does this have to do with the “seventh’s” plot!?

Within their confusion a fierce battle begins. Challenged by destiny, battling a mystery, volume two of this explosive fantasy begins!


Character Intro

Table of Contents


These links used to direct to Volume 2 material. On July 1st 2016, Yen Press announced their licensing of Rokka no Yuusha. In keeping with this, we have removed them.

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