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These links used to direct to Volume 4 material. On July 1st 2016, Yen Press announced their licensing of Rokka no Yuusha. In keeping with this, we have removed them.


19 thoughts on “IS

  1. sorry to disturb but when will the rest of volume 4 be released. sorry i kno how busy u guys r sorry, im just hooked. thank u guys so much for translating

  2. awesome job guys and thanks so much for the translated pdfs. just finished the first season of the anime and lloved it.

  3. Thanks for the translations guys! With the uncertainties of animes being continued, it’s relieving that we can still follow the story with the translated LN. Keep up the good work!

  4. hey just wanna say thanks for picking up this LN, i’ve been searching this LN for awhile, once again thank you and keep the the good work

  5. I want to thank you guys for the translation, thanks to you guys i’ve been able to follow the LN after the seeing the anime. Do you guys plan to also translate the manga/comic adaptation of the LN by super dash & go, I know i’ve seen it but i can’t find it translated anywhere, I think there are 4 volumes right now.

  6. Thank you for translating the novel 🙂 Hope you can continue translating Volume 5 & 6. Really curious how the story will progress next

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